Remote Trackpad

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  • Mouse control via touchscreen

  • Soft keyboard

  • Fully customisable trackpad (tap to click, onscreen buttons, tap and drap, two finger scrolling, portrait or landscape etc..)


  • First install and run Remote Trackpad Server (make sure to allow it past your firewall if neccesary).

  • Now install the Remote Trackpad Android App.

  • The first thing to do is switch on wifi and start the "Find Server" function under the "Connection Settings" section, your Remote Trackpad Server hostname will be found in a second or so.

  • Now configure the trackpad settings to your preference and start the trackpad activity.
    The trackpad activity has three different functions:

    • Tap and drag your fingers on the virtual trackpad to control your mouse cursor

    • Press the menu key to get a virtual keyboard

    • Press the volume up/down buttons to control PC volume